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An Ultimate Guide to Summer Styling Tips for Men 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Summer Styling Tips for Men 2022

Every guy encounters a period in his life when summers appear to be a never-ending sequence of other people’s marriages, business meetings, and get-togethers. But when they sneak peek in their closet, a wave of confusion hits them, right?

Fret not! This guide from a personal fashion stylist will also assist you in determining what to dress for any summer event or even casual days that you have planned.

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While winter may provide more possibilities for clothes, summer is the greatest for patterns and designs. A patterned shirt is a terrific warm-weather essential, particularly if you want to make a statement.

It may be utilized as a standout item while keeping the rest of the outfit basic and tasteful. A patterned button-up may be grounded with chinos, and you might select an essential, traditional shade such as beige or green. Our personal stylist online will recommend you match them with a shirt foundation color to put it all together. Cuff them gently to allow your ankles some breathing space.

Casual business clothing

Summer clothing does not have to be messy. Contrary to common assumptions, it is possible to simultaneously seem professional and suitable for the season.

A decent summer shoe will be your anchor; thus, it’s worth the expenditure. A suede loafer is a fantastic option, as long as it’s worn with cropped pants and no-show socks. This is the best chance to wear white jeans and chinos. Layer a contrasting jacket over a polo shirt, good quality T-shirt, or anything similar.


You may be allowed to shed the suit for something more casual at work if your boss permits it. If so, linen co-ords may be worth investigating. According to a personal image consultant, make sure to have a well-tailored pair of pants that fit exactly right, have texture, and always use neutral hues like brown or beige.

Baggy Tee with Joggers

Throw into your favorite pair of joggers, and then slip on a loose shirt to easily hide your body. If matched with a high top and heavy chains, this might create a hip-hop-influenced style. Try it out and maintain your cool throughout the day. This summer suit is excellent for Gen Zs.

Separates for weddings

It’s enough to make anybody sweat just thinking about being in the sun all day in a black three-piece suit. Contrasting your top with the bottom is a terrific approach to playing with color when headed to a wedding. A white blazer might deflect heat, while a navy trouser helps keep things grounded. This combo is classic and winning.

Color blocking with patterns & solids

Summer is all about colors! We don’t encourage mixing up every hue in your outfit but rather advise that you keep to a set palette. You may balance the blues with a neutral shade and allow for designs such as stripes, mini-florals, and other patterns. Summer attire for males may be managed by not being overly costly.

White shirt with Espadrilles

Summer footwear doesn’t merely feature canvas shoes. Espadrilles are one of the most ignored pairs of shoes. They are manufactured from cotton and may be used with practically any outfit. We suggest combining them with a loose-fitting white shirt and slim-fitted cotton slacks for a vacation or lunch date.

Summer beach attire

The greatest time of year to visit the beach is during the summer. Some things to consider while deciding what to dress.

  • Make sure to get your swimwear before you go on your vacation. One of the most challenging apparel things to find is swimwear, and make sure you have enough time to search. You want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself while wearing it.
  • There is no need to buy a beach cover-up if you do not want to. If you don’t like an inevitable beach cover-up, there’s no need to purchase it. You may wear a white button-up shirt as a beach cover-up if it’s big enough to cover your complete body. Consult a personal stylist online for a quick fix.

  • Always carry sunscreen and a hat with you while you’re out in the sun. Sun hats that you enjoy wearing are more likely to be used than those you don’t.

  • Denim isn’t the only appropriate material. Denim cutoffs with a tight waistband are ideal for the beach, but they may be unpleasant when covered in sand and water. Breathability is an advantage of shorts.

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