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Before entering the website owned by LDC Image Consulting, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully.

Please read these terms before using and accessing this website, which includes the use and access to tools, information, personal style, and image consulting services available to you. Users who are vendors, browser customers, merchants, or content producers are subject to these Terms, as are all other visitors to the website.

1.  We require that you agree to these terms before you use our website. This Website and our Services are not available to you if you do not accept these Terms and all of its recommendations in their entirety.


2. We reserve the right to modify these Terms and the operation or features of the website, with or without previous notice to you, where allowed by law. In addition to publishing an updated version of the Terms on the website, you may also get an email with information about any changes to the website’s functioning or features. If you continue to use the website after the date of the amendment, you acknowledge that you have read the new Terms and policies or modifications to the website.


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Who can use this website and the services it provides?

As a sign of your consent, you represent that you are either of legal age in the area or state in which you live by accepting this agreement. For any reason whatsoever, we have the right to deny access to anybody at any time.

Commercial Work

1. The descriptions of our numerous Service kinds may be read on this website.


2. Acceptance of your request is required for the provision of the Services. We have the discretion to refuse service to any individual or organization, and we will not be obligated to explain why this is the case.


1.  The company grants you a global, non-exclusive, and non-transferable right to access and use the website and its content, including the grooming and style recommendations therein.


2. The following restrictions apply to the license you have been granted under the terms of this agreement:


3. It is strictly forbidden for you to replicate or change the website or any of the website’s components, including but not limited to content, disassemble or reverse engineer or compile any of the website’s features, and any other user’s content.


4. You may not use the website to develop a service or website that is equal or similar.


5. False information about oneself is also prohibited, as is impersonating anyone else.


6. Without prior authorization, you are not permitted to represent an organization.


7. If you participate in unlawful, dishonest, or fraudulent activities or use them for illegal or unauthorized purposes, you will be subject to prosecution.


8. All laws, rights of third parties, and these Terms and Conditions are included in this document by reference; you must not infringe or encourage others to do so.


9. Unless we give you express permission, please do not claim that your claims are based on our view.


10. It is forbidden to post or distribute any harmful software such as computer viruses or worms; malicious code; or any other program that is meant to damage or modify the system of a computer or mobile device; or any data;


11. Users’ email addresses and other personal data should not be harvested or indexed by “data mines” or other automatic or manual methods (e.g., harvesting bots or spiders for site search and retrieval).


12. You must not obstruct another user’s website usage or interfere with their enjoyment of it.


13. Using this service would help if you did not try to get any other user’s personal information, such as their bank account information.


14. If we see any violation, we have the right to terminate our agreement with you.


The intellectual property rights relating to it are owned by the website and its licensors for the website and its licensors. The website is not sold or otherwise transferred to you due to us granting you a license to use it. These terms and conditions do not give you any ownership rights over or in connection with the website. In addition to the website’s logos, trademarks, and designs. Under these terms, there is no implicit, statutory, or other permission to use them for any purpose whatsoever. Any rights not explicitly granted by these Terms are reserved for us, our licensors, and our affiliates.

Comments and content posted by the users

1. Users of this website can post and exchange comments and other types of material in designated parts (referred to as “Comments”) of the site. Neither the company nor its employees review, edit, or publish the Comments before they appear on the website.


2. Comments are a reflection of the people who leave them. As long as they are authorized by law, the company is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred and suffered due to the use and display of comments on this website.


3. It is the exclusive discretion of the company to review and remove any Comment that it deems to be offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise in violation of these Terms.